Could it have been

I didn’t know it until about 6 months ago but according to my mom back when she was still speaking to me I was diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school but instead of continue testing for middle school she said no and I struggled in school because I didn’t get help.

Then I would tell her about the voices and shadow people, depression and she just said I was trying to get attention away from my brother.

My brother has ADHD, autism and bipolar disorder so he got a lot attention from my parents both negative and positive.


What does seeing shadow people mean? I have seen a few.

Start with an eye exam. This could be an eye problem. Seeing things that aren’t there could also be a psychiatric problem.

Sometimes in families like this, they deny, my entire family also denies it, I lack of vitamins , I invent, I am psychic (because I hear thoughts).
Mom does not even understand why I need a psychologist saying I just want attention,
Just ignore it, there’s nothing to do with it really, sometime they’ll internalize it

Sorry, you had to go through that.

I have some sort of undiagnosed learning disability (I read really slow… slower than anyone I know including my kids that are now reading). My mom did not want to believe it when I was a kid. My teachers just treated me like I was bad at everything - which is untrue, I just read slowly. As a result I struggled through school, got lots of trouble with bullies and had no one to turn to.

Thanks for sharing though. At least I know I’m not alone in this experience with school.

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