Could a new virus kill off the human race

no one left on planet Earth…

Theoretically, yes. But thats highly unlikely to occur anytime soon. Life on earth has been around a long time. It’s certainly possible we could get a plague much more lethal than Coronovirus though.


i think if world war 3 ever happened

that could end it too

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Impossible. Even a bioengineered one couldn’t do that.

Viruses that kill someone are evolutionarily disadvantageous. They tend to evolve to be less virulent, since it helps them propagate.

I think a massive asteroid would be a more likely candidate for human total destruction rather than a virus or wars though. Pockets would probably survive in the other scenarios.

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Russia has a weapon that launches Putin’s forehead at the asteroid and blows it up.


Who knows? I mean no one predicted AIDs or COVID. I think it’s possible. It was just luck that the bubonic plague didn’t wipe out everybody instead of just half of Europe.

There’s still no cure for AIDs.

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No it’s not possible.

It’s virtually possible but I don’t see how it could reasonably happen.

What if there’s more and more mutations until one becomes super deadly? :s

obviously I hope this doesn’t happen. Feel the need to add that lol.


Yeah, I agree it’s possible but extremely unlikely. Much more likely to have something deadly but not a extinction event.

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Even with an extremely deadly virus you are more than likely going to have pockets of people who are not exposed to it who will survive.

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no , we have norton antivirus and also avast and kaspersky.


I suppose it is theoretically possible but with every virus I know of that has come along so far in the history of mankind there has always a subset of the population that has a natural immunity or survive. Ebola, Polio, etc… I’ve even heard of 1 case of a person immune to HIV/AIDS.


New viruses are because of global warming at least as far back as HIV
They expect 10 new viruses a year with one per decade as bad as the current Coronavirus pandemic

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