Corona viris

A whole lot if diseases can’t be cured with medicine. but they can help though. Imagine if they cured sz with medicine.

I am amazed about how the ap medicines help people…because we don’t completely know how the brain works.

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Yea aps scare me. They work on not just our psychosis but interact with loads of other things too. That’s why I might come off them

Under pdoc supervision


I don’t hv sz I have psychosis

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It’s okay, many people do.

At least your thoughts are coherent and you make sense in what you say.

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No problem. 12131

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I thought I’d mention it cos it might not b as easy for people with sz to come off meds. So didn’t want to encourage it TOO much

@anon90843118 don’t stop your meds and a pdoc is not going to want you to do that…so don’t do it on your own when you find out your pdoc wants you on meds…

Dont listen to what people tell you.

Listen to what goes on around you.

Then, and only then,

Can you play the hero or the villian.


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Thanks for the concern @jukebox

But actually my pdoc is in approval of it, if and wen I want :slight_smile:

Feels so good to be on the same page as ur pdoc

Cos if I wasn’t, I’d feel a bit uneasy to come off…

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If u r referring to @jukebox he only means well

But Thankuu.

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Lol, when I speak,

I want to hit everyone in my sight.

Not just you @anon90843118 :wink:

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