Coping Strategies

I’m just curious how people manage with schizophrenia. Other than medication, what coping strategies do you use? Here are a few of my own

  • mindfulness, to keep me grounded

  • remembering that I have to hear the voices, I don’t have to listen.

  • keep interaction with them to a minimum

  • when it can’t be avoided, speak firmly and patiently to them

What else…?


nice coping strategies.

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I’ve tried squared breathing, meditation and talking to my husband and treatment team. Nothing seems to help

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Honestly, getting at least 14 hours of sleep every night does a lot for me. I know that is a lot, but I sleep uninterrupted.

I also have headphones on If I have to go out and I almost always have music on at home.

I don’t hear voices but I struggle with delusions a lot.

So yeah, sleep and music help me cope with my SZ.

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I use a lot of different mantras. Also Im trying out this new thing where I acknowledge I’m having a bad ( schizophrenic) thought or feeling. I say ok. That’s a bad thought. Its just a thought. You don’t scare me!

I talk. A lot. To friends online. To friends IRL. sometimes about the issue but usually about something else.

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Grounding techniqes and keeping thoughts simple.

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Splash cold water on your face. :monkey::monkey::monkey:

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— Inhale peace, exhale love
— take the garbage :wastebasket: out, (make a fist and grab imaginary garbage an throw it - GONE! We don’t need garbage in mind!
— Take a shower, that helps

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