Me and my folks just got a respective grocery deliveries

I order my folks groceries online and get them delivered to their house. I then get a delivery to mine


My folks are pretty savvy online but they are afraid to put their credit card details in. So I use mine.

Thank goodness like a couple of weeks before lockdown they got online banking so they can transfer the money from their shop to my account


I’m glad you can still get online delivery.
Here things are shut down.

We can get grocery delivery where I am, but it’s really hard to find a spot

Whatcha get @anon94176359? Any particularly yummy treats?

Got some rice pudding!


Yum! That’s my favorite kind of pudding.

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Touch wood we haven’t had to get any deliveries yet. Just been hitting the local grocery when we need stuff and doing the old commando shop. Hit the place with a plan and get the hell out asap. I do like internet shopping so I’m not adverse to it but with just Dad and I we don’t really need much to keep us going.

Good your looking out for your parents. I can relate to that.


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