Conversation difficulties

Did any of you experiment such thing as talking to someone but you forget everything that you have been just talking about? Like you need to go to the bank talk about something but you are completely blank plus when the person talks to you, you have no idea what he just said because you already forgot?
I cant follow conversations or understand anything… despite posting this post, this is the only thing i can say which is my memory loss or something
My only way of communicating is nodding and answering yes or no. I cannot follow a conversation or make one as there is nothing for me to talk about
And im jealous of how my dad is able to concentrate and talk to his gf about anything and have dialogs unlike me, cant explain anything nor talk about anything

Will this ever go away and recover… im afraid my mind is broken and can no longer be fixed

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I think it’s called poverty of speech/thought

Don’t worry, what meds do you take?

@aliali i take perphenazine 8mg and resperidal 3mg

Trazodone is a tricyclic antidepressant which may help you,

Consult with your pdoc about it,

@aliali i have an appointment on july 17th and the pdoc said it would be better if i received an injection

How would trazodone help with poverty of thought?
I take trazodone 100mg at night.

Not with poverty of thought,
It helps with when you are talking with someone and then instantly you forget what you were talking about and you wanted to say, and how much you put pressure on yourself you can’t remember,
Its good for not to be distracted easily,

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Thanks for the detailed explanation aliali.
I can remember myself stopping mid-sentence and forgetting what I was saying when I was with the doctor a few times.
Maybe they took this into account, I was never really sure why they were giving it to me.

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I can forget pretty much everything.
For example if my dad asks what was said in an appointment or when i was at tge bank, i would exolain it poorly because i cant remember exactly what the person told me there…
Compared to normal people they seem to remember dialogs and everything they have been told after a short time

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I haven’t read it anywhere, I just talk from my experience,

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Thats ok aliali, it’s good to know what benefits it can have for people

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