Coupla questions about poverty of speech

I have trouble with social skills particularly with poverty of speech. I think that’s what I’m dealing with. I can never think of things to say unless someone asks me a question,
or like someone will be talking to me and I just keep saying “yeah…yeah” so it’s not like I’m talking with them. I’m trying hard to concentrate on what they’re saying without having the time to formulate a response and then I don’t realise when it’s my turn to talk.

Does it get better over time? Or is there anything you can suggest to help? Is it my medication?


Alot of people love to talk but don’t like to listen as much so unless you interrupt they keep on talking…

I have similar problems and I think its basically a cognitive thing.

As a result I cut contact with people who talk on and on, and I try hard to speak my mind when talking with my mom who also tends to keep on talking unless I interrupt.

The key I think is to ask them questions. Ask them why if they say something you don’t understand or you don’t think is good.

If I’m getting tired, I leave for a bathroom which can allow me to return to my own pace.

I don’t normally meet people. It’s simply tiring and I’m not a chatter type to begin with. Staying away from people is one way to protect your brain.

If you keep asking them questions you get used to talking so you’ll eventually be able talk about other things

At least that’s how I cope with this problem

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It’s the schizophrenia
I’ve been practically silent and psychotic for a long time and after psychosis for a long time with this problem… I don’t think it 100% goes away but I’m a lot lot better now I’m 42 now and I was a teenager

I’d Sit there thinking for two weeks what to say social event and then think only of “how many of them was there?” about all I could come up with

I always felt I had to learn from scratch to speak because I was very very affected by this long-term

I can’t stress how much of a problem this was for me

After a long time I figured out that I could say whatever is on my mind I was talking constantly about myself I was give people my life story I think even that it’s better than silence I know it’s difficult

general chitchat about whatever is on your mind is a good way to start
that said that my husband learnt how to speak when he was in his teens and early 20s because of autism and early years at work he learnt through the
"how when why what where who"
rule of getting information out of people by asking simple questions on these

The younger you start trying to learn this the better because it programs your brain for life
So for me the outlook is quite bleak I will always have a problem… It was in my formative years I was like this

This is a process
it gets so much better

Talking about everything that comes on to my mind is still something going now
It does result I have speak to people about everything whatever is on my mind
Although at least an appropriate with this… My therapist my mum my husband even if it’s a few days later I have to air it like in therapy

I find I’m not really very self-contained
Recounting all as an experience from someone who really has been there

I’m a bit of a writer now

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I can’t think enough to have a question to ask a lot of the time. I don’t want to cut people out of my life because I enjoy being around people. I just wish I could keep up

Maybe write down some general questions and memorize them … like “how was your day” or “isn’t it hot/cold outside” or “what do you feel like doing”.

I don’t have this issue but just thought this might help

I am very similar. A lot of the time when I try to talk to someone I simply cannot think of anything to say. I’m a guy, and it is worse with women than it is with guys for me. I think that is because my expectations are so much higher with women than with men. I’m comfortable talking about the weather with men, but when I do that with women it seems really boring. Then I go rigid and start talking in platitudes, and the woman starts yawning. If my expectations are high with men then I get the same result with them. I’ve handled this problem by avoiding talking with other people. Also, if a woman starts spouting platitudes I get really bored with the conversation. I drift away from her and get out of that conversation as quickly as I can.


I can talk about the weather and stuff. I can still talk I’m not mute. I don’t know maybe crimbys right its social anxiety, yeah I feel like I’m boring when I speak to people as well

I’ve never been very wordy and always wanted to change.

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You seem to be able to type just fine. Would it help to write down responses to other people and then just read what you wrote? It looks a little unusual, but it might help you be able to keep up.

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Honestly, I thought I was kind of the only one?
I remember recently before I got my med switched, my mom asked me what kind of cereal I wanted and I seriously couldn’t think of a brand/name and I was so frustrated internally and she kept pressing me for a proper answer and I just said, "Yeah those sugary ones kids eat, ya know?"
I don’t know if that classifies as poverty of speech but it’s super frustrating.


I have this problem. It’s not as much confidence for me (it still is that too though) but it’s just a lack of something I consider interesting to say. I live a somewhat boring life and I usually have nothing too interesting to say. I really just try to act casual and ask a question here or there as well as say things that come to my mind that I feel comfortable saying. I think it’s mainly my mental health and how well I’m doing. If my mental health is good it can be less of a problem but I have had this problem before I became MI too so I think it’s just my personality.

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I think that might be from memory loss which I get sometimes as well. With my work we move from different houses/jobs throughout the day and I sometimes cannot recall where I was half an hour earlier when someone asks me. Did you find you improved after a med switch?

Used to have the same problem for years. Then it switched, now I can’t shut up, a much bigger problem if you ask me. Conversing has become super easy, that’s the only good thing about it.

Haha that’s a good thing I think. what do you think brought on the switch?

I have no idea. The “switch” started when I was first put on Abilify and has gradually gotten worse, but I don’t think it’s the cause for it. Nothing else changed really.

Recently, just these past 2 days, I found out about “mudras”. They’re Indian hand poses. The one I’m doing is gyan mudra, 15 min 3x a day . It seems to be helping the urge to talk a lot actually, just hoping it’s not a placebo effect, which it very well might be. I think it’s just making me more present.