Contrave yay or nay

I know I posted this like 5 or 6 years ago about contrave and whether or not to get it or not seriously thinking of trying it despite the risks there are risks with all medicine and surgery there are also risks I am willing to take a chance to get this weight off of me it has caused me other problems like severe sleep apnea which I will now have for life and I am prediabetic meaning I am prone to getting and developing diabetes in the future having severe problems with my appetite being out of control been eating all day long it seems snacking and what not. So, I go see the nurse Practitioner tomorrow at TCN Behavioral Health here where I live, and I will mention it to her about my appetite being so out of control and wanting to eat all the time nonstop. Well in the evening it seems to be worse I bought some Alli to take in the meantime in case she turns me down for getting contrave which you need a prescription for all I can do is ask.


You also may want to ask your doctor about prescribing one of the Glp1 weight loss drugs like Ozempic or Mounjaro

Even Saxenda is a good choice

I’m on Mounjaro and I am losing a good amount of weight


I believe my cousin took that it helped her lose some weight one of the ingredients is Wellbutrin just letting you know if you have any history of mania be careful for me Wellbutrin is the only antidepressants that doesn’t cause mania


I took Wellbutrin in the past and couldnt take it cause it ellevated my Blood pressure but maybe I will react differently to Contrave which half is made up of Wellbutrin Will talk to my FDr to see if he could prescribe Contrave or something similar for me to try and if it doesnt help there are other options Till I find what works for me so far nothing has helped me lose any weight being maintaining somewhat