My doctor put me on Contrave. Anyone heard about it or taken it?

It’s basically Wellbutrin that’s supposed to help you lose weight.

But it has an added ingredient that doesn’t allow opioids to work.

That’s fine with me as I don’t plan to have to take them,


What if I break my leg next month?

I don’t know.

Seems like a weird side effect.

On one hand,

I haven’t had to take medication like that since I was super sick and got the special cough syrup that Lil Wayne seems to like so much.

On the other,

I don’t want to have an emergency and not be able to have pain relief.

What do you think about this?

Am I just being paranoid?

I want to take it as it should help me lose weight.

Just seems odd.

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If you end up needing opioids, can you just switch to regular Wellbutrin during that time period?


I thought the same thing,

But the medication says you can’t have any for 7-10 days after your last dose.

By then I won’t need them!

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Wow. That’s a tough decision

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Have you looked into going on one of the injectable diabetes drugs used for weight loss @Charles_Foster?

Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro

They are very effective

I’ve lost over 25 pounds on Mounjaro

They are safe

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Take life as it comes. Worrying unnecessarily over what may never happen is a waste of time.

If you lived a high adrenaline sports filled lfe then perhaps it would be a consideration.

When was the last time you broke your leg/arm etc.?

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I’ve never broken a bone and rarely need narcotic pain killers.

Just worry a lot.

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Then don’t! :smiley:

Do not worry any longer! :smiley:

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People using Ozempic and Trulicity for weightloss has really hurt people that need it for diabetes, so please don’t ask for that.

My husband went about 2 months without his trulicity because of that.


Yeah so true @ZombieMombie
I’m diabetic and NEED my Mounjaro

But doctors are prescribing these drugs also for weight loss.

The only FDA approved drug for just weight loss is Wegovy.

It’s basically a high dose version of Ozempic

But I do know what you mean

Yeah, I kinda expected that.

opioid antagonist seem to have effects on weight loss even by themself. the new medication lybalvi is olanzapine plus samidorphan (an opioid antagonist) that reduces the effects of weight gain from olanzapine. lybalvi i dont think my insurance would cover but i asked my pdoc for naltrexone as its also an opioid antagonist which in theory should work similarly but they refused as they say it is for substance abuse issues

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I dunno, maybe don’t make jokes about drugs or that are racist.

Technically, or any other way, that’s not racist.

Really? The reference to Contrave being a drug dealer type name paired with a traditionally black name “Leroy”, especially with a drug that was systematically used to reduce the Black population?

Nah. Nothing racist atall.

Every race has weird or common names unique to their race. Just joking about the inventive names of some black people doesn’t seem racist.

Joking about ethnic names doesn’t seem racist is the definition of how racist this mindset is.

Dude. Just stop.

Well, I’ve been clean quite awhile but the city I got my illegal substances from was 80% black at the time. Are you saying crack was deliberately distributed to decimate and kill black people? That’s kind of a conspiracy theory.

I’ll totally stop but I think I made my point.