Contacted my clinic. upping my meds as soon as possible


I am really overwhelmed by daily things I have to do, I am taking until 1 pm or later to get out of bed. I have intrusive “voices” and images pushed into my mind and I am upping my meds when the pdoc can help. I haven’t had trouble mentally in a long time. Happens to all of us. Thought I was past it.


Yeah, the disease is always lurking, ready to pounce.


I hope you get the help that you need @jukebox
These meds work wonders


It’s a roller coaster ride. Up and down right and left. You never know when things turn bad again. Good that your pdoc is upping your meds.


Good luck and good catch. Glad your doing this sooner then later.

Hope you feel better soon.


i hope you are feeling better soon.
one darth bunny hug :rabbit:
take care :alien:


I have doubled my prolixin generic ever since noon today. can’t say I feel any different, maybe a bit more sedate so far.? thanks for all the caring words, guys.


When I’m off, it is usual to think I want my meds adjusted.



I haven’t been here for a couple of days. I am sorry you aren’t feeling well, Doubling the med will take effect soon I guess, just be patient. Maybe it takes 3-7 days. take care.


It took a little more than a week for me to notice a differance when I upped Abilify. Just hang in there. You’ll see a change soon.


good luck michael. rooting for you. x


me too Michael. Keep trying, it will pay off and soon… you’ll be better and seeing sunshine again.

hugs to you, judy


Sorry to read this.