Contact lenses!

I’m very excited to be using contact lenses! I tried them on for the first time ~20 years ago and didn’t like them and stopped using them, but I wanted to give them a change and now I’m wearing them again! Contact lenses give me a feeling of freedom as I don’t have to wear glasses.

I’m still struggling with putting them on and taking them off, but I suppose I’ll learn how to do it without stressing my eyes.

I’ve been through laser eye surgery and I don’t want to go back to glasses anymore. So contacts are a great option for me.

Do you use contacts? Any tips on easy putting on/taking off contacts? Or do you prefer glasses?


I wear contacts. My advice is,

  • be generous with the contact solution. It is much cheaper than replacing contacts early because they tore from too little contact solution

  • try to unfocus your eyes when putting the contact in. Let your vision go fuzzy so you don’t see your finger coming right for your open eye

  • practice a few times with different methods for putting them in until you find a comfy one for you

I swore off contact lenses because they made my eyes dry and nothing fixed it. I hope they work for you!

Thank you for the tips @ninjastar !
I wish I will learn a good way to put them in. Today I was able to put them in in less time than the day before, so I believe my technique is improving.

I also have dry eyes so I put eye drops every day. I’m using disposable lenses as they are more hydrating than the ones you use for a longer period, and I feel disposable ones are easier to learn to use.

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Disposable ones are much more comfortable! They do not come in my prescription, so I wear 2 week disposables. It is good you can wear that kind.

It takes a bit of practice, for sure. I have been wearing contacts for about 20 years now, but I do remember it being a challenge to learn how to put them in at first. It does get easier.

I love to have bold makeup, and glasses kind of hide my hard work! I need to learn to take the contacts off easily and so I won’t hurt my eyes, and when I learn that I’m confident on wearing makeup while having contacts. Baby steps!

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