It has almost been six days since I had a sh it.

This is just horrid.

I was put on a low foodmap diet with no gluten and have been regular for months and now all of a sudden it’s started again.

I know we have had threads like this before but I have tried everything.

I do not want to become addicted to laxatives but will take some tonight.

Any advice?

I have spoken to dr about it who put me on five movicol a day and then low f gluten free dairy free diet.

I exercise and that doesn’t help either.

Sorry you’re struggling with this,

I don’t have really good advice other than to try the laxatives.

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What about eating several apples? They have alot of fiber.

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I have tried one apple a day but never more than one.

How many apples a day are we talking?

I heard pear juice is good.
a dietitian told me that.
But it’s pretty expensive to get good quality one she was talking about.

Yeah, find a food that has a lot of fiber and you can stand to eat it every day. I have struggled with constipation for awhile but I found something I like that helps and I eat it every day and thank god, it works very well.

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I find full strength coffee makes me go pretty reliably.

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Try dried fruit like apricots they work as a natural laxative.

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Coffee and a fiber supplement like metamucil help. If mine gets too bad I take dulcolax. That works well as long as not being used all the time.

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I would try three myself.

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@SacredNeigh7, I had a really bad problem with constipation about a month ago too. I couldn’t relieve myself at all. I was on three different AP’s, all of them very constipating. I told my pdoc about my problem and he lowered the dosage of one of my AP’s by half. That solved the problem. I don’t have to take laxatives at all.

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My doctor said milk of magnesia is safe. It works in a few hours and you really go. Also, you can get fleets oral solution over the counter. They used to use that for colonoscopy prep I think. I used it once, it should work.

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Thank you so much for your replies :heart::slightly_smiling_face:.

I already drink lots of coffee but will keep trying with different methods but for tonight it will be laxatives.
It’s just been too long …:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They actually have a Apple orchard close to where I live.
The apples there are more expensive but so worth it.
Locally grown and no weird sprays etcand they are delicious.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply.
Appreciate it!


I’ve heard that prunes are good when constapated.

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I get constipation as a side effect of Zyprexa. I take 2-4 Citrucel caplets a day and now I have started eating a big bowl of raw veggies as an afternoon snack. The extra fiber really helps. My daily fiber goals on my Sparkpeople ranges are 25-35 grams of fiber per day. Before the veggies, I was always around 17-18 but the veggies bump me up to meet my fiber goals every day.

Maybe extra fiber wouldn’t help you though - you are on a vegan diet so you must already be getting a lot of fiber. When I was vegan, I would sometimes get as much as 75 grams of fiber in a day!

I keep a laxative on hand for when things get bad like you are experiencing, like every 10-12 weeks. As long as you don’t take them too often, they generally work in no more than 24 hours. Good luck!

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This topic is making me want to enjoy a healthy crap

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