Anyone else gets constipation?

I’ve been clogged up for five days now.
Zero bathroom breaks.

I’m kind of getting worried, sounds like it could become a problem.

I don’t have any laxatives in the house other than glycerine suppositories, but I’m not sure if I want to try those.

Sorry if it’s TMI.

Is this an issue for anyone else?

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If the constipation lasts, the suppositories might be your best bet. You can always put on a glove or put a condon on your fingers if you’re worried about germs.

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Try coffee. 1515

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Can you get prune juice? At the nursing home I worked for once we did half a cup prune juice mixed with half a cup apple juice, warmed up a little in the microwave. Always helped our constipated little ladies.


I’ve tried consuming high fiber foods, coffee, and drinking more water but still nothing.

I’m getting worried.

Do you have Vitamin C pills? Or Xylitol or erythritol (sugar alternatives)? They make me go, fast.


I’ll try prune juice or eating prunes but groceries are hard for us to get right now because of the Coronavirus situation.

You can probably get it delivered


Grocery delivery services are completely booked around here but I’ll ask my brother to see if he can pick some up for us.
Thanks @ZombieMombie

No I don’t have any vitamin C @naturallycured

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Yeah I may have to try the suppositories

Five days with nothing is pretty significant. I think you should call your doctor at this point.

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Yeah maybe I’ll call my family doctor to see what he suggests.
He can recommend a laxative over the phone.

I take a lot meds and am worried about interactions.

I would call your doctor. Constipation can become very serious. :green_apple::green_apple::green_apple:


I took something for it 10 minutes ago.
I’ll see if it helps first.


I like MOM (milk of magnesia) it works fast to get the clog out so you can get back to feeling right again.

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If the prune juice or other things don’t help by tonight, you need help. I’ve been on the helping end of removing an impaction. It isn’t fun for the helper or helpee.


Finally!! Success!! :joy:


Yes very much so. It’s worse some times compared to other . I have Laxido sachets .

How can interoception issues make things difficult for those with autism?

People with ASD may have difficulty making sense of this information. They may not be able to tell when they are feeling pain or fatigue. An itch may be felt as pain or pain may feel ticklish. **They may not get the feeling of having to defecate and hold on to a bowel movement, which can lead to constipation**.

I wondered about ASD and constipation so did a search .


I have all the diseases in the world :sweat_smile::joy:

Dont make me spread them to you.

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