Considering looking into starting HRT (testosterone)

I want to feel more masculine. I feel the APs lowers testosterone.

Maybe it could help against anxiety as well. I feel APs are supressing T.

I guess I need to get it tested first, where my levels are at.

There’s not any chances of testosterone makin you go psychotic, is it? No interference with meds?

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I’m sorry, I guess it’s called TRT(testosterone replacement therapy) not HRT.

There is, actually.

Do you know why? Like the mechanism?

I can’t say for everyone, but I am on 0.5 mg of testosterone once a week, and 10 milligrams of Abilify a day. There is no conflict or side effects for me

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No, sorry. :confused:

I’m glad it’s working for you. If you take 0.5 mg of testosterone once a week where does that leave your testosterone levels at?

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My doctor does regular blood work, which I need done anyway to monitor my seizure meds. About every three months or so

Hopefully there will not be a conflict for you. I do find it helps huge with my depression

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I used to boost my testosterone naturally

I’d have a normal hot shower, then at the end turn the tap to cold and it’s really invogorating. I’d alternate between hot and cold a few times

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