Consequences of working on disability worrying me , still going to do it

My working part time is probably going to drop our food stamps to nothing, but if I work enough it won’t matter…I’d rather pay for my own food anyways. then there’s ssdi reviews…I turn 62 next may so by the time they review me if they do, I’ll be switched to social security benefits anyways…so win win…just new to me, everything new scares me.


62 is nearly retirement age, you could work for 3 years and retire

I aim to keep this job until I inherit money in the far future…this is for my not working so long without extra money…no longer will I suffer…that goes for my wife too…so happy…really almost emotional about it.

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My job demands 3-4 hours a day in air conditioning sitting down at $25 an hour. It’s not huge, but it’s a good deal more than minimum wage. I have to deal with children which many would consider high stress but I went to school for child psych and English, and grew up with two much younger brothers. So I’m alright at it. I earn usually 300-900 a month depending on how much I’m needed and it is a great way to supplement my disability without losing it.

Do they axe any of your disability when you take retirement benefits? Cuz I know they’re similar.

My mom’s BF is reaching 62 in a few months, but if he waits a couple years to start receiving, he’ll get a good deal more per month I think… he still is gonna probably do it right away though.

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There are house proposals right now trying to push retirement to 69 making people work.


Dang. What age bracket is that? Do you know?

I found THIS article. It says that the age would go up to 69 in 2033 and all subsequent retirees would be held to that new age. So, that affects my husband and me. I’m not happy with it. I called my husband and talked to him. He thinks that it won’t pass.


Lots of people in goverment want to make SS worst.

There are worst proposals one at 70, also reduced payments, lots of bad proposals, so there is no way about it, even those legislatures who want to keep it unchanged, will have to compromise.

It is definitely not popular to the American People. But goverment officials are looking out for businesses, also citing this will also help ensure a bigger work force by making older people stay working.

They are blaming funds will run out, yet, they have out of control spending on Military.

@Kxev I don’t want to say anything else because I think it would be seen as political. Thanks for talking with me about it.

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