We eat poisonous plants in tn… cooked with onions and eggs… we pick them out of the yard… its like greens but much better… you gotta boil the plant first… if not you can die… or atleast end up in severe pain for several days… thats kinda crazy but it is good.

I add brussel sprouts, spinach, and carrots. I haven’t been more adventurous than that yet. But yeah, that’s about the only way I get my kid to eat veggies.

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I’ve pretended I’ve liked dogs my whole life and I’m 56. I tell everyone I meet that I am a dog person and when those ads come on TV from the humane society showing abused dogs, if I am with someone else I’ll start sobbing and wailing. But now I’m backed into a corner and I have to admit, I’ve always actually hated those furry little butt sniffers.

Joke, joke, joke, joke.


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