Nothing short of a cure will do

What’s going on with our favorite scientists and research institutes?
Are they all out enjoying the weather on this nice Sunday afternoon?
Biking, kayaking, having brunch at a quaint little coffee shop with their significant other?
I hope that they are enjoying themselves thoroughly and ushering in spring in style.
Maybe time to make some plans for the best Memorial Day BBQ ever.
Meanwhile I’m sitting here wondering if my head is going to explode again. It’s a beautiful day and I can’t go to the park to jog because I’m too stiff and have no motivation from the medicine.

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Hang in there. You’re having good days and bad days. The bad days don’t last forever.

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It is not necessary to have a significant other @MeghillaGorilla1.
There are very successful people who are single.
Further, my frustration boils over regarding the lack of cure for schizophrenia.
The problem is that the people working on better treatments are mostly healthy, and they don’t have
the sense of urgency that we do.

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I think your anger towards scientists is misplaced. The scientists are doing what they can with the funding they have been given. If you want to be angry, be angry with the public and politicians who don’t care about sz and would rather spend their billions on breast cancer research (because boobs) and other overprioritized illnesses.


I should call myself a gorilla and not you @MeghillaGorilla1, I certainly have the IQ and the muscles of a gorilla…
just a thought that I had.

As I have said several times we can play our small part each by donating to mental health research charities and making our friends and family aware of them.
If you have an email/forum signature then make it one listing links to such charities. Get the message out there .

It would also help if @SzAdmin could have banners linking to a few of these charities on the forum.

Please support mental health research


even gorillas cry Erez, even gorillas weep.

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its a shame that having a psychotic disorder isn’t looked upon with the same urgency as cancer. Boobs are great but there are more important things in life like the human mind being lost and condemning its victim to a life of hell

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Admittedly it’s difficult but I think getting the message out there that people with mental illnesses are still real people needing love and support helps.
I try to be as open about my difficulties/problems as I can. If you make your friends and family aware they in turn may make their friends and family aware.

Unfortunately some of these cancer charities have become more focused on fundraising and “awareness” than finding better treatments or funding early detection. We’re quite aware of breast cancer now.

I wonder if some of the same isn’t happening with autism too.