Compensatory pseudo-narcissism

I have it. I also have about 25 selfies or pics of me from bodybuilding days on my phone.

Here is one, I just took it

I took more too but I’m saving them for later

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Well done mate, I know how much hard work it takes to get in shape. Much respect

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Why thanks, I still workout but mainly for health, I used to do sports and activities like powerlifting, bodybuilding and fighting. I ran 3.5 miles and did 100 dips and 100 push ups today.

It’s hard not to be narcissistic when you look a good bit like Narcissus.

Completely agree the mirror used to be my best mate, I was in the 1000lb club and loved it but delusions took that away from me. Can’t help but be a bitter auld bollocks

I was in the 1000lbs club- actually well over it. I used to powerlift. I was actually in horrible shape when I was a powerlifter despite being highly ranked in my weight class- I had a master ranked total. I was smoking at least a pack a day. Zero cardio. Tons of nicotine and caffeine. Lots of weight lifted. Zero miles ran.

Now I barely lift at all, I just do three exercises with Dumbbells for my shoulders and traps. Everything else is calisthenics.

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If the selfie thing is all about your narcissism I’d say it is a very harmless narcissism, and that is from the perspective of actual living with one.
And, as the ultimate lover said once, you’re a joy for eyes, mr.Mouse…:). :heart_eyes:

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Narcissistic personality disorder can be pretty dangerous. Lots of dictators/despots had it.

Well it is a bit OT but i can’t really say where is a difference between narcissism as benign ‘characteristic’ of the person’s behaviour and narcissm as disorder.