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Hi, so i Thought i’d write a post about what i have been doing with my radio shows during Lockdown,

So i had been sharing some shows on here but i have now had to have them removed bc i felt i was puting my anonymity at risk.

basically i have been presenting part of my clubhouse radio show from my living room in my house and it has been great to be able to do that as it gave me something to do that i enjoyed and kept me in a positive frame of mind,

I was then encouraged to start a solo show and so i started a weekly hour long show playing music and promoting the bands.

Now i am working on a third show for my local area and that is the main reason i need to protect my anonymity.

I have put in a lot of hours into this lol, 20 hours for my solo show which takes about 4hrs to make, so 80hrs and then more for the other shows,

I wish i could share them but i would like to remain anonymous,



That’s cool. Keep it up.

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I’m glad you’re still creating your shows, that’s cool.

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I am very busy with the radio shows atm I have just Interviewed a Local Artist/Musician about his bands new album and i just need to edit it a bit, I have 2 more bands i need to Interview about their new albums and they are very good albums and i want to chat with them about their influences and things too, I have another Interview soon chatting about a local community project (the cafe/shop i volunteer at) then i need to write an article for the community magazine about it and i have my clubhouse show to put together too.

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