Community mental health services 'getting worse' in some areas of England

Mental health services outside hospitals in England have shown “no notable improvement” and in some areas are getting worse, a survey of more than 13,000 people treated and cared for in the community has suggested.

Higher proportions than last year of those questioned think they have had a poor experience, that they are not listened to by staff and believe they have not been treated with dignity and respect.

The results from the second year of a national survey will concern ministers who have endeavoured to put mental health services on a par with those for physical health, although their big drive did not start until early 2015, after the survey was conducted.

Things need to improve, no doubt, not that I care at this point since I am doing quite well when it comes to stabilizing, but definitely they (and all) need to stop further suffering from happening on next generations of people with mental disabilities.