It's not paranoia

When government policy is deliberately designed to abuse,persecute and terrorise you for being disabled.

My government gives me money…

Examples? What country do you live in?

UK… to be precise England.

yeah, I kind of heard from daydreamer and Jayne that the english gov’t. is doing some kind of audit of the disabled? am I right?

The sociopathic scum are going out of their way to persecute and terrorise the disabled.

Is there still a psych ward bed shortage in England? That sounds like a recipe for disaster if there is.

wow that really is scary I think. I hope you don’t lose any benefits firemonkey. that would really stress me out. try to stay at peace with this even though it’s scarey. gosh.

These would suggest -yes.

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Im with you. Its always been that way here. Each state is a little different-but for the most part, resources are always cut first, and there is always a shortage of some resource.
We need a Dr. Paul Farmer in this country!

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