Communication on the forum

Is it ok when you talk on here to engage with the persons comment then share your own two cents?

My mind is punishing me for talking about myself in others threads

I keep telling them that I am just trying to share commonly held experiences, but then they say I am completely wrong and to annon my account to give everyone a break from my posting here

Don’t want to be a self centred ■■■■■■■, as I don’t like that. But I am being told constantly to just give it up

Feel like I am just upsetting people even just writing this

Same goes for work

Really puts confidence in the toilet

So this is in Meta. Can we discuss appropriate discourse, and whether my first sentence is acceptable when communicating here

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Of course. Within reason. It becomes problematic when you try to confirm things like delusions for example.

Honestly. We like you talking and sharing experiences. It what makes this site great for those who participate and that means sharing your point of view…it is how we help each other.

So. As long as your not trying to convince everyone your the real Prince Harry I’m sure we are all fine! :slight_smile: . I’ve found you to be a straight up person and one who listens if you’ve tread over the line when told. That is a good thing around here too!


Ok thank you makes sense

I was just trying to establish the rules of engagement on here, as I have been self punishing for a while now

More pronounced today for some reason

Do not want to be posting destructive comments


I think you’re just second-guessing yourself dude. You just do the same thing that we all do, share some experiences and try to guide each other in any way that we can

I always enjoy your posts actually


Thanks @Cragger

I just feel so out of touch with people

It’s very stressful sometimes

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