Comfort in loneliness?

Hey guys, as above, Thoughts?

Well I like talking to my sister and a few friends. Several of them called last night. My sister called Friday. But I do get lonely and tend to call them too much. Several days ago I decided to stop calling and wait for them to call me. All of them did except for one.

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Listen to the radiostation of interest. Writing down what has to change so i won’t be lonely next year. Something like a dreamresolution for 2021. Maybe there is someone in your life waiting for your phonecall.

Depends on who you ask. Being an only child in a family that keeps secrets from each other, I don’t really have someone who knows the true honest me. So I consider closeness to be something out of my reach.

There were few people I was opening up to, and two who I wanted relationships with but that time is gone.

I don’t really worry too much about being alone. If I am occupied I am fine.

It does seem like I am missing out on some cool stuff to do being by myself, but relationships are hard to manage, and full of stress that I don’t need right now.

If I was to let anyone back in, they will have to work extremely hard to earn my trust that has been broken so many times in the past - I don’t think that person exists, but I am open to people trying to prove themselves to be of sufficient character

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I have 6 people that I call friends. I’m talking to each of them at least once a week.

I’m sorry to hear you don’t trust anyone, and the problems you had in the past. I was in two romantic relationships before I was 30. They both ended badly with me being extremely hurt.

Nah, doesn’t happen. You need a distraction, something to give you a purpose. otherwise, it will eventually get to you, and when it gets to you, you don’t really know what to do anymore bc your sense of language or normality in terms of thoughts is quite distorted.

It’s no wonder it is said to cut short life span or increase illness quite significantly.

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