College Pre-test fiasco

I went into the local community college to take my placement tests today. I have never been there before. I managed to not have an anxiety attack beforehand. I had to cross a bridge to get to the building, and I started freaking out since I got triggered on memories of tripping out having tactiles in similar situations. I tried to fight the panic attack. I was lost and confused in the building.

As I took the tests, my brain was in absolute chaos. Crosswired and scrambled, focus was at ground zero. It seemed to take an eternity to read and comprehend a paragraph in the reading portion. Then the math portion came- too scrambled to think through the equations. “I’m never gonna make it. Give up, it’s hopeless.” I felt like how can I possibly get through classes? It was torture. Couldn’t remember much from high school- 23 years ago.

Managed to score well in the reading part, did poorly in math, but I just made the prerequisite for the courses I wanted to begin with. Well, I was out of my comfort zone, I can only hope that once I get acclimated I’ll get better. I’m not giving up yet! It’s not going to be easy, but I have to try. My mind was better than this when I took my GED tests 5 years ago. Well, I already knew that it’s progressive in my case. Salute to anyone out there trying to get through school!


well done for persevering it took real courage.
take care


Yeah, good for you for sticking with it, and not giving up.

You accomplish something,…by doing it!

I live by the NIKE slogan: “Just do it”!!


You did great. To do all that alone and take the test even when your feeling wobbly AND getting the score you need. That was really amazing. :thumbsup: You had a lot going on, and you conquered it.

When I took my test, my sis down loaded practice test from the internet for weeks and on the day of the test, since my sis goes to the college, she led me to the testing room, got me checked in and sat in the waiting room for me.
I was pretty happy with myself for doing this, but I don’t think I could have done it alone.


salute to you for doing this test and getting through it :clap:

you deserve a big thumbs up :thumbsup:

well done, maybe you can do this thing, what is it you want to do?

take care x


For future reference on math tests: start working problems before the test so your mind is already in the groove.

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