I have problems to do my exams

I am studying my English course because the English is no my mother language. The course has the aim to prepare me for doing First Certificate in English.
The last Saturday had midterm exam then it was the moment when it began to appear my problems: I had difficult to concentrate, I had difficult to understand the sense of sentences, I was under stress so I began to feel anguish; the exam lasted 4 hours so in the second hour I had wanted to give up, etc.
I have always had these kind of pychological and cognitive problems when I do this kind of test.
The outcome is: from 40 marks I only had 24. I feel frustrated.

I have the idea that there are some things that I will never do; this thought is negative, I know, perhaps tomorrow I will be ok. But I would like to know what your experience have been in these situations.

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good on you for studying… :trophy:
good on you for taking exams… :heart:
don’t be too hard on yourself…i admire you for your effort.
normal people have bad days…and don’t get the marks they want in exams :sunny:
have faith in yourself…you will get the marks you want/expect next time :books:
bunny :rabbit: hug.
take care :alien:


I have problems with enormous tests. Well, more like I used to in the past tense. I was a heavy smoker and I got antsy an hour without a cigarette.

My practice GRE was 319 with smoke breaks.

Real five hour test with no leaving the building was 306.

Oh well, I make the cut by one point instead of like 16


Thanks my friends for your comments.
I feel your support.

Maybe you were stressed too much even before exam… Intellectual blockade is far more common than you think…specially when you’re stressed and sleepless…
And four hours?!
They are training you for NATO? O.o

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Oh, and, what was my way of dealing with it…
Try with the ‘no big deal’ and ‘its not the end of the world’ mantra.
Like, I’ll give the best I can and the rest is not on me. Whatever happens, its not a big deal.

i’m so afraid of this.

i study engineering, you have to think a lot on tests.

at the moment i’m doing fine, but i want to lower my dose.

if i get to the point where i can’t concentrate/think clear it would be a disaster in my life.

last 6 years of effort in the trash can.

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Thanks @Sarad and @quemsoueu for your comments and experience. These are very useful for me, thanks again.

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