COLA in US gets released in half a day


the cpi for the cost of living adjustment amount for social security gets published tomorrow morning. they think it’s going to be between 2.5% and 3%.


Sounds good some of years it was a lot lower than that


2% won’t even buy me a cola at Jack-in-the-Box. I guess that’s irony.


yeah i got 6 colas the other day for cheap. hope they dont raise it in half a day!


T minus ninety minutes until the consumer price index is updated.


2.3% COLA for 2019


woohoo a $41 raise. I think I’ll buy a mercedes


Does your social security or welfare keep pace with your cpi in America? Our welfare benefit is 20% below the poverty line and our current crop of politicians still act as if it’s a huge cost. (Not trying to make this a political post, just interested in your welfare/support system).


i think the cpi has given me more raises than any single job ever did.


Sad to say but that’s becoming the state of things here in Oz. While companies are boasting record profits, the average workers wage hasn’t even been keeping up with inflation. You’re very unlikely to see a wage rise. But it is worse on welfare. I really feel for people who are on it. It’s part of the reason why I don’t believe most people on it are some bludgers.


we also can qualify for food stamps, section 8 and public housing.


Yeah we have public housing…and a huge waiting list to get one. We don’t have food stamps, the welfare payment is supposed to be enough. It isn’t. When I went on welfare for a short time the total payment plus rent assistance didn’t even cover 1 week worth of rent. Leaving me exactly nothing for food, other bills and expenses. And this payment is fortnightly so I’d still have a week’s worth of rent owing. We ended up taking out a small loan from the bank. We had no choice.



This is very, very good for us. I’d get about 20 ish dollars. Enough to buy a book a month if needed. I appreciate it.


fox news says 2.8%


I will get about an additional $64.40.


i don’t get that much because i live in one of the cheaper cities. you can probably afford to move anywhere.


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