Cognitive Symptoms

I feel like they are often overlooked in favor of focusing on positive and negative symptoms but they can cause no small amount of insecurity and fear, playing a role in the expression of both positive and negative symptoms.
My Schizophrenic symptoms had a very acute onset which made the cognitive symptoms very noticeable and concerning, undercutting my ability to continue my life on its prior path much sooner than my psychosis had time to throw a wrench in the works.
They also played a major role in the development of my negative symptoms making all sorts of tasks that used to be trivial much more daunting and generally making me less able to feel in control due to the simple fact that my ability to process the world around me was now lowered from what I was previously accustomed with.
With time I’ve grown more accustomed with my cognitive abilities and their new limitations, where I haven’t managed to improve them, my focus recovered to a noticeable extent outside psychosis for example, but they’ve given me no small amount of concern and I’ve spent no small amount of effort trying to ameliorate them.

What experiences have you had with cognitive symptoms? Did they improve with time? In which regards? Do you even notice them or you feel unchanged in your cognitive prowess?
If you feel like sharing, let me know.


It’s hard for me to explain, but my confidence in doing even basic tasks has gone south. It’s not a lack of motivation for me anymore. It’s the confusion, the slower mental processing that really makes things daunting for me. I can manage to do some things that others might find complicated. Not at the same level as my former self, but I can work it out sometimes. The cognitive symptoms have me worried about my future because they’ve worsened with time.

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