Cognitive decline

I’ve noticed that I keep forgeting spelling English.
Also, my wit has gonne a bit, and I’m tired of this continued hatetrude beetween the people.
Everywhere I go for help, friends family,I feel under my usual skills to explain how I feel.
I just want the confirmation.

Have you gone from a low dose to a much higher dose? There can be some fogging of the brain that causes you to feel less competent in my experience.

Be on as low a therapeutic dose as possible is my recommendation from my understanding of the science.

I will also agree that word salad and my ability to talk to strangers is lower then before. I have some sort of hangup when I’m trying to think and express myself to people I don’t know.

Its a very unfortunate thing, and I’m sure its partly due to stress and cognitive decline and how I deal with people in person.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a cure all, you might have to try asking for a different medication or asking for your doctors advice on this in general. If you can’t verbally express your feelings I say take your time and write what you want to say to your doctor about this problem you’re having and do your best to convey how troubling it is.

Edit it a few times and see to the best of your ability that it is clear and follows a train of thought well. If you can.

This is something I think you 100% talk to your doctor about and what supplements they might recommend to help.


No, it’s not meds… I’m only on 75 mg clozapine…
But just to emotional and emphatetic to people…
I hate fights, and feel like beating wreck…
Whenever I try to make folks realize that harming is not solution…
Nevermind… Just it’s that I feed pigeon on window from fingertips, talk to him, Im too fckd up by people…

I got very sensitive to aggression and aggressive people after my first break and I definitely felt less confident. I’ve gradually built up that inner toughness and gotten into fights with people verbally, I’ve sassed some people that needed to be sassed, and generally I feel like I left room for myself to grow back that mental barrier I put between people and how I really feel about myself.

Maybe talk to a therapist, if you can. I got a good one here and she helped me get over my relationship with my brother.

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