Cognitive decline - EPS med - trihexyphenidyl?

Can i take EPS med(trihexyphenidyl) for parkinson and still have good cognition ?

Can i add any new med for cognitive decline caused by EPS meds ?

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Green tea pure version try. It gives mental alertness and thus useful for cognition. It contains caffeine and L theanine which balances each other to give nice nootropic effect.

I started trihexyphenidyl last month. I only take half a pill 1mg. I get upset stomach and lots of burping. I also have a decreased ability to sweat. I don’t know other peoples experiences with the drug but It’s been uncomfortable for me. As far as cognition I don’t notice a decrease.

Benefits and limits of anticholinergic use in schizophrenia: Focusing on its effect on cognitive function

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Are side effects of EPS meds permanent even if you stop them ?

Just got a text from pdoc, he said side effects from EPS meds are not permanent.