Cognitive behavioral therapy and negative symptoms?


hello everyone
I suffer from negative symptoms only related to lack of concentration, can not memorize material, can not understand quickly. I am student so these three symptoms hurt me.
what I have known, that all medications treat positive symptoms not negative ones
I have tried so many of them with no success but I am still taking them
I have heard about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
I have only two questions:
1- does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treat these three negative symptoms which I suffer from? how successful is it? and when can I improve?
2- If yes, what are its tips for example or can you please tell me how can I find this therapy online for free?
and many thanks in advance. I appreciate


I once asked a cognitive therapist for an appointment but she declined when she learned that I am schizophrenic…


I see some members here say they experienced this treatment and it is good and works for them
I just not sure if it it s effective for negative symptoms and I even do not know its tips


nothing seems beneficial as regards the negative symptoms.


I can’t say if it helps w/ negative symptoms since I haven’t had that treatment for that. Anxiety? hell yeah. It works amazingly. And honestly I can’t see why CBT wouldn’t work for negative symptoms. I do some of it for my depression (with helps with the sz) as in when I want to stay home and be left alone I go out and take a walk or join my parents to their shopping. As for attention I don’t know since I didn’t get CBT for that, but what helps me is doing 3 things at once. I take a stress ball or more preferably, silly putty while doing work on the computer like homework, or even better art! While listening to music OR watching a YT video with my favorite people. I switch in between the two as a little reward system, like a bit of chocolate in every page of a book type of thing. Works wonders for me.
But not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to work on computers so then if I need to read/write I will doodle on the side to calm my intense creative swings while playing with putty and reading/writing. If you just need to pay attention, play with some putty and doodle unless you need to keep your eyes on the prof., then pretend he’s an alien and focus on the details of his sentences and what he would look like. Actually that might be distracting but it’s a fun way of staying interested while keeping eye contact.

Sorry this wasn’t much help. I want to give you a heads up before you start CBT (you can do it on your own, but if you want more in-depth or it isn’t working I’d do a CB therapist to help you with it) it’s going to be hard and you won’t want to do it. Basically the motto is: if your illness wants you to do it, do the opposite. You need to start with little steps because it’s hard and it will take a while to get it to work for some people. Who knows, everyone is different. But don’t give up because it’s a fantastic therapy and is amazing if your meds aren’t fixing your problems



I agree cbt helps quite a bit with anxiety. It might be doing something for the negative symptoms as well. My attention is still terrible and I have the “urge” to change with cbt but the actual symptoms don’t get lighter. On the other hand motivation does seem to improve. I am functioning better “in spite” of my negative symptoms like I give up less. It definitely helps in some way though my attention is no better.


Yes, negatives are persistent - it seems. @Om_Sadasiva.


thanks so much for that great helpful information. so I should try to see if it works for negative symptoms. so please may I know any videos or ebooks online that help me try this treatment? what does it consist of? is it math problems for example? or what is its tips? it is the same tips for all diseases?
and many thanks again


what does it consist of? what is its tips please?
is it math problems for example?


Yeah I’ll go look for some videos right now. I know with the opposite thought it works with anxiety, OCD, and depression. Very simple (yet hard), do the opposite of what you want to do.


And here is a course:


thanks so much. I really appreciate
I am going to follow it


Sweet! Tottally update me on this. I hope it goes well :slight_smile:


My day treatment has three different therapies a day. We have group therapy where we just talk about our life, MD group where we are lectured on the chemical process by a doctor, we have OT which looks at how our environment affects our behavior, CBT which looks at how we can change our negative thoughts, and a counselor who tries to help with our personal goals, and more. Mines encourages me to go back to work. I am honestly doing much better compared to a month ago. I am less anxious and got the courage to apply for a job which I now have an interview for. I am driving almost daily now and planning to buy a car. I think I tell myself “I can do it” more and my thinking really is moving in a more positive direction…


See this:

and the videos on the main site here:


thanks a million. I really do appreciate. I hope it works for negative symptoms