CBT....has anyone tried it as alternative or adjacent therapy?

Has anyone here any direct experience with cognitive behavioral therapy. If so how helpful was it? I am trying to research how effective this can be in calming, quietening auditory hallucinations.

i have, with different therapists.

well it may help you, in seeking other explanations for an event that you at first believed it was an absolut truth.
But i think its a must that you can think rational, otherwise it wont work:
for me some beliefs are apperently so strong rooted, thats its sometimes hard for me too explain or to believe other variations.
Mustbe my stubbornness

for auditory hallucinations it also can help.
helped me because we “the therapist and i” came to the conclussion that my voices
werent right most of the time, and only where downtalking too me.

hope that it also helps you

and its at least way better then that music therapy…
what where they thinking??

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Thank you. Very helpful. It is basically for auditory hallucinations. Trying to gain some management skills over them.

cbt is working for me…i would highly recommend it…
take care

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CBT is good for learning what habits and thought patterns to reinforce. It did not help with the symptoms, but it did help my overall quality of life by a tremendous amount. When I was hit with the disorder, I lost how to do anything, but CBT helped me understand the benefits of positive thinking, positive attitudes. I had a CBT therapist for several years, and she taught me how to speak with people in a way that was beneficial and how to steer clear of damning attitudes and other behaviors and habits that will send you into the ground. It’s nice to have someone on your side, who can see thing from a clear, intelligent and even psychological perspective.