Brain Training?

Has anyone here tried any of the brain training games or sites like Luminosity or BrainHQ or any of the others? Do you still do them? Which ones? What is your experience like with them?

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I do, its only 10 dollar for three months, and you can get an idea how youre doing cognitively. Its a good site where you can compare yourself to others and much more.

I used Lumosity for about a year. I loved it. It really helped me improve my memory, speed, and flexibility. It gives you these easy to read graphs showing your progress. And also compares your performance to other users.

It worked so well for me that I scored better than 90% of other users. But I reached sort of a plateau in my performance. I just couldn’t improve anymore. So I’m taking a break from it for a few months.

I’ll re-subscribe in a few months. Just to refresh myself and keep up the cognitive improvement.

I think it’s highly worth the money!



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Thanks for your replies, Mottec and radmedtech. I’ll check out those sites.

I used BrainHQ for about a month last summer because they had a good neuroscientific rationale (I think) for being helpful with schizophrenia. I didn’t pay anything, just used their available sample training games. It did improve my memory, my awareness of my surroundings and my ability to respond quickly, as well as my ability to attend to a single conversation in a noisy room and to multitask. However I plateaued in that time with the free games and didn’t want to do the one hour a day they recommended to show measurable improvement, so I didn’t continue by getting a paid subscription.
I might try something similar on a different site though.

I think college is enough brain training for me. I’m only 20 and in the middle of undergrad so at times I am busy as a bee writing papers, preparing oral presentations and studying for exams…but I like the idea of “brain workouts”, I would do them if I wasnt so tired of academia.

Over the summer I watched a free online class from stanford about human behavioral biology and took notes on it. Got a whole spiral full of notes. I like to keep sharp when I find myself being too idle.

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I use luminosity. My scores frankly were low which I suspected. But practice has improved me some. Honestly best thing that helps my memory is nutrition and exercise.

For anyone interested in brain training, I honestly recommend Cambridge Brain Sciences - do a Google search for it. It’s free and as good as most of the brain training websites out there. (And also designed by scientific researchers…) Another good (and free) one is Play With Your Mind. (You can do a Google search for that one as well.)