Still have akathesia and now

And now dystonia. I can’t handle how these meds are making me feel. I’ve tried the DNA tested meds. They didn’t help. I’m tired of the weight gain and hair falling out. I’m done with taking meds. I’m not suggesting anyone go off theirs if it’s working for you. I just can’t handle it anymore. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I’m sorry you’re struggling. How long have you been in your current meds?

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I think a week or so. I went into the ER with horrible jerks movement problems that I couldn’t handle. I’m on cogentin for the akathesia, but it just seems to come bad quickly. I was ok for a little while but boom it happens again.

Sometimes those type of symptoms are much much worse at the beginning and ease up over time.

I had it bad every time we increased my haldol, but it would only last a month or two.

I’d give it some time before making any rash decisions.


I hate hearing that others have this, it’s the worst side effect ever. When they shot me up with invega without my knowledge (an ap i had never tried before) I developed a brain itch that was severe and could only be scratched by walking. Doesn’t matter where, just walking. I paced constantly 24/7 during my time there. It was ridiculously irresponsible of them to continue with a second shot after seeing how akathisic I was after one. I am never returning to that particular hospital again.

Cogentin can help, Neurontin too, but the best way is to get off the AP that’s causing it. You have to find one that doesn’t cause it and stay on a low dose. As for TD I had that on invega too, made me make signs with my hands like I had a tic. It still happens rarely but it was so common when the med was still in my system.

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Thank you so much. I’ll keep my pdoc updated. Thanks @LED & @agent101g .