Caffeine puking

Caffeine has been making me nauseous and throwing up lately, but it’s also my life support. Is there a way to drink it without getting this reaction?

Take a caffeine pill maybe?

I think those are gross. For some reason they make me sick, even though it’s the same I guess.

What kind of coffee do you drink?
Espresso used to make me feeling sick and anxious.

Use to drink just plain black coffee, now that makes me super sick even with milk. I’ve resorted to energy drinks.

Plain coffee…are you European? :slight_smile:

Nope Minnesotan…

I can’t take coffee alone any more… I have to have food with it…

Other wise the acid in the coffee makes me sick too… maybe some toast?

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You could try cold pressed stuff it’s less acid.

The body is actually quite smart. It is probably trying to tell your mind that you don’t need caffeine and it doesn’t want to process it.

Too bad for my body it’s either caffeine or be jabba the hut. I would rather have a healthy heart and not diabetes.

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Do you smoke? Smoking or vaping can make you puke even if you are addicted, it ■■■■■ with stomach acid production.

Nope. Just developed this within the last couple months before that I get heart/chest weirdness,still do. that I swear was due to combining a preworkout with my AP. I think the two fight each other and mess with my body. So disgorging. Uggggggh I hate APs so much!!! I wanna scream right now.

I know I know…the opposite is 24/7 voices from hell. So whatev