Why is coffee make me sick!?

I uSe to be able to drink a lot of it. Now I get sick!?

Maybe it has something to do with your med’s. If not that, try to think if there is anything different in your life that might cause this. If you notice any more changes in your system you might think about seeing a doctor.

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What the ■■■■ does that mean?


Coffee can cause anxiety!.

It makes me want to throw up!

Is the problem that you are drinking too much liquid? Or maybe you’re making it sickening sweet with too much cream and sugar. Or is it the acidity or the caffeine? Or is it the taste that’s bugging you?

Everything you wrote… I’m gonna try and eat before I have morning caffeine

Yeah, that acid and caffeine is hard on an empty stomach.

Thanks Nicholas.

Me too. Dark roast coffee is very acidic. It is pitch black and makes urine dark yellow. I could try espresso shots, they are much less coffee and concentrated caffeine, I drink them in cans, starbucks makes canned doubleshots of espressos with cream and sugar. I chill mine in the fridge and they do better than black coffee. Black coffee is just acidic as ■■■■.

I use to love my coffee. I drank the ■■■■ black and instant, now it makes me gag, just thinking about it.

Have resorted to energy drinks, don’t like the sugar…but I need some motivational beverage. When I was drinking a pre workout I threw up, so I gave that ■■■■ up.

Caffiene is gross. I need a new drug… :musical_note:


It’s the acid that causes this. But sooner or later, the caffeine in any caffeinated beverage (which counters the effects of your anti-P) will get to you. (I understand why you like it, though. And I wouldn’t stop drinking it suddenly. If you decide to get off caffeine so that your anti-P works better, my suggestion is to taper off over a week or two.

Oh hellll no! I probably wouldn’t get out of bed.

How do I fix GERD other than stopping caffiene?

Mine went away when I lost weight. Or there’s medication that works rather good for it. I was on Tagamet and Prevacid and they did the trick.

Tums, Rolaids and Zantac work for a lot of people, as well. But I think they only work for a while.

It’s not the caffeine that’s the problem. It’s the acid.

I finally had to stop drinking coffee, including decaf. I had to stop eating citrus fruits, chocolate, carbonated beverages, non-alcoholic beer, fried food, and ice cream, too. I miss all that stuff, but I’ll take that over the excruciating pain.

I’m like that if I have a black tea with no milk… I can drink green tea usually or coffee or black coffee only tea with no milk is the worst for me I have literally throwing up on it but if it’s before that doesn’t make any difference just black tea is no good for me Splash of milk in the T and it’s the perfect wake up drink

Maybe try Monster absolute zero. Works wonders for me and no sugar so there’s no weight gain.

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Geeze. What are you ghandi? What do you eat, drink?