CNN tries schizophrenia 'hearing voices' simulator (Video)

I don’t hear voices, but have paranoid schizophrenia, so this was unsettling to me.

Here, a simulation for everyone. This is how voices are. Don’t trust what they say though.

“Hey voice. Let’s talk. What do you want with me anyway?”

“We’re going to kill ya, you already know that.”

“Suppose that i did know that yes. But why?”

“You know man. We just hate you, thats all. Can’t ■■■■■■■ stand you and i think you know why to. You and us, we don’t mesh do we. Oil and water you and us. Proud aren’t you.”

“Yes. Means im doing something right huh. I know what you hate and why. You are like the idiots on disney films handing out those stupid apples because you suck.”

“Watch it man. You know what we can do to you, don’t talk to us like that. Although we do admire your cahones saying that.”

“Oh well.”

Complete intelligible sentences, nothing random. At times they also know external things going on that i could never have known had they not said it.

A little simulation for ya.

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When I was going on meds the first time they were saying to me repeatedly that I was going to hell when I die. Then when I started hearing voices again even on the meds, the voice was claiming to be God and telling me scripture repeatedly until I upped the dosage again.

Before meds they said I was going to kill my self. I almost did after hearing that for over a year.

On meds they try to scare me. Tell me that meds are poison.