Clubhouse fundraiser applause


so i was at my clubhouse today and i co-chaired the house meeting,

at the event i talked about my recent vox conference/agm that i attended and that there were other local groups that we could link in with,

after that i discussed my fundraiser and took some questions, i was given an applause for my work and together with the clubhouse we have both together raised £206 and i am hoping the we can raise a lot more,

i am hoping that i can get a following and other people get involved, tbh the donations are a bonus bc its the taking part that counts and the more people that wants to join in and/or donate then the merrier :slight_smile:

after i sold a few raffle tickets just to top it off

my next event is scheduled for the weekend, it is an easier Loch than the last one with better shallows :slight_smile: and i have adopted a theme tune for my swims

lady gaga…shallows


Wow! That’s awesome that you did all that for your clubhouse!!! Good luck on your goals!


That’s pretty impressive @Daydreamer! Good job!


Sounds really good! Meetings can be stressful things but always interesting. Sounds like you did a great job!

Well done matey!