I'm trying to organise an event

My 40th is coming up and i’m trying to arrange an event but its very short notice, i was hoping to invite clubhouse members and staff,
maybe i should make it a fundraiser and split any donations between My clubhouse and the radio station.

It has a capacity of 80-100 if i can get 50 people to attend i’ll be happy, 15 family members, 15-25 clubhouse members 15 Sunny Govanites, other friends could be friends and neighbours at maybe 10 so 50-60 people if they can make it, the rest can be local guests, i need to arrange food and DJ/Band.

The hall is very good with great lighting for my mum and a very accessible disabled toilet, it also has a stage and a bar. 10 long tables :slight_smile: i am excited and i hope it gets approved.


Cool! Sounds great!!

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Good luck! I hope you can do it and that everyone comes :slight_smile:

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Good luck @Resilient1 .

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Good luck
Glad you have no problems being social.


Sounds exciting!!!

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I would if i was unwell but luckily it is a hidden illness atm, i cut my med recently and started having symptoms including suspiciousness, Heightened sensitivity and increased emotional responses. I am now back to the previous dose.

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