Clubhouse Ambassador developments

So I have a meeting tomorrow with Clubhouse Europe about becoming or setting up an Ambassadorship role at My Clubhouse.

It is a new thing that peaked my interest and they were keen to get me on to a meeting after I contacted them about it, unfortunately I had covid and tonsillitis when the meeting was scheduled last but it has been rescheduled and I am attending Tomorrow :slight_smile:

I am keen to find out more about this role and what it would entail, I have been told I may be expected to chat to various groups at work. school and other places about mental illness and the benefits of the Clubhouse and to spread the word about the benefits of the whole movement.

Its exciting and I really hope I don’t sleep in like I did with my guitar lessons, Our Boss is meant to be joining me on the zoom call and its all been pretty much arranged by me and I am hoping it becomes a proper role and when we get accredited I’, hoping I could travel in my role to other countries :slight_smile: I think it sounds awesome :slight_smile:


Fine work friend

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Awesome! :grinning:


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Thanks guys, here is the link to the video about it :slight_smile:

Good luck!!! Sounds cool!!!

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Good luck @Resilient1. I hope it goes well.

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Good luck with it, sounds interesting!

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It was pretty good, the meeting was an hour long and I was getting information.

We have scheduled the next meetings every month and I have to Gather Information about Mental Health and what’s happening about it in My country,

Looks like they want half a page and a picture for their Clubhouse Europe Newsletter.

I’ve also got to represent my country and spread the word about the Clubhouse,

We also had our weekly main meeting and it was brought up on there briefly to let people know what was happening :slight_smile:

I was joking to some staff about the hierarchy of people in our
charity, I was trying to say that I have been working my way up from member to board member and now to ambassador lol (moving up in the world) I hope it works out.


I just scheduled a really important email which will go to all our board members, it took me a while to type it out and put all the links and things down but it was pretty cool,

Makes me feel really good & important that I am starting something really big and fun, who knows where this will go I just hope it is to positive places.


Good luck! I think you’ll do great!

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Hey, I hope I am not bothering anyone with this but I have another update.

Today I had to do a short introduction to the new role of ambassador Infront of around 40 people,

I didn’t really plan anything but I knew what to say and I was just worried about it bc i was taking questions after,

My nerves were a bit frayed but it went ok and next week I will let people know that there is more information in Our Zine.


Great job!!! In front of 40 people?! Awesome! I’m so happy for you! You did it!

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That’s amazing! You’re so strong and capable! Good for you! :slight_smile:


that’s awesome!

I went on behalf of a clu bhouse with another member to an international conference in 2013. it was a lot of fun and very informative. well not as informative as i’d hoped but we got a lot of great information about other clubhouses in the world.

good job.

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Thanks a lot Shmookitty, I still got to keep taking my meds and the fatigue is really annoying as well but I have to keep on going bc people depend on me, I know I am only 40 but it feels like I am winding down lately

Thanks, I’ve spoken in front to 60 people before but today was different bc I had no support with this and I have literally set the whole Ambassador thing up from scratch.

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Wow! I’m so impressed!

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Thanks greenlight, I heard that the Boston Clubhouse Conference has just finished and it looked like a great success. :slight_smile:

I’d love to visit the main one in America bc we spoke to members from there during lockdown for our radio show and it was fun,

We also wrote a nice story about that place during Lockdown on a forum that we had set for members.

Yes. I was at the St. Louis conference in 2013.

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Our clubhouse has attended a few conferences but idk if we went to St Louis then, was it fun? I’ve only been a member of my clubhouse since 2018.

We were accredited for a while and we are hoping to get accredited again. I’m hoping to help my clubhouse get accredited so we can say we are a proper clubhouse and as an ambassador I am hoping to reach out to the Government and other places for some support.


yes it was fun. it was the world series at the time. our team was playing in St. Louis. saw Kelly Clarkson walk down the street wearing a bseball cap and carrying a coffee. stopped to sign atuographs. lots of people from around the world. 27 countries?

We were not accredited but trying to get there. now the clubhouse i go to is much smaller and staff lead whereas our staff claimed that they were just there to keep the doors open. members pretty much did everything. i just stop in now and then. haven/t been asked to fill in doing anything really important.

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