Clozapine Blood Tests

My doctor told me that if I were put on Clozapine that I’d have to have weekly blood tests. Anyone know more about this drug and the blood tests? It sounds scary to me because the ZyPrexa I take now does not require any tests.

I have been on clozapine for over a year. At first you have to get blood tests every week. After 6 months the blood test is biweekly. After a year the blood tests are once a month.

It is very rare that a person develops a white cell problem in their blood. Don’t let the blood tests scare you.

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Thanks @bobbox1980

I’be been on clozapine for three years and take monthly blood tests to check my white blood cell count. Not a big deal, nothing to worry about. This drug has helped me a lot.

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I’m always worried about blood work @see121 lol

I was on clozapine as well, weekly blood tests then bi weekly, then monthly. The tests always turned out fine. I hate needles though. :frowning: clozapine is a very strong drug. Just saying. I weened off of it because my Dr didn’t want me on such a strong drug anymore. Now I’m on nothing.

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I’m paranoid of blood tests

If the nurse isn’t nice I always think they’re gonna stab me in the face with a needle.

Last time I went to the dr. I avoided my blood test for this reason :sob:

I’m pretty good on ZyPrexa for now. I don’t want to move to this drug because it sounds like too much overhead.

Zyprexa helped me at one point. Yeah I wouldn’t go on clozapine if you have another option.

Its very very strong.

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It’s called agranulocytosis. It can kill you. I know this from personal experience. Don’t EVER skip blood tests.


Getting weekly blood tests would be too much responsibility for me. Besides, my blood didn’t qualify for Clozaril.

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I second that. it has a 1% chance of affecting you, so I would not worry.

It is called agranulocytosis and it basically eats away your ANC (type of white blood cell; these fight infection), and if your levels of it drop below 1500 they discontinue the medication so that you will live.

patients are actually entered into a registry here in the states at least, it is very serious because the drug is very effective yet does have a lethal very rare to happen side effect. It works the majority of the time if the patient’s body does not have a negative reaction to the drug.

It is a great treatment for when other meds do not work. Now when clozapine doesn’t work, your doc might put you on lamotrigine to add to the clozapine, up to 200mg which is a lot.

a big note to pay attention to; clozapine sometimes takes 3-6months to work. SO do not lose hope! Challenge the illness with everything medicine has to fight it!

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I don’t need anything too strong, I think

yes it is a white blood cell issue that’s why I can’t be on it. I already have issues with that medically.

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