Clopixol and Solian experiences

Good morning. I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and I get to stop Abilify (which I am happy about). I remain on Invega, but he wants me to think about two other AP’s that he might want to try me on. Solian and Clopixol.

I just wanted to ask what your experience on either of these drugs has been. I’m not keen to try them. I would rather just stay on invega because I know what it does to me. I’m a bit worried that either of these drugs will turn me into a drooling zombie.

I still have hallucinations, delusions and paranoia but I think I am managing them well with just invega and I am still able to function (so long as I have valium on hand for emergencies).

Pdoc wants it all gone and talked about another drug which I can’t remember which is a last resort for when all other AP’s fail. The thing is that not all the hallucinations are bad and the most frightening ones I was having last year were sorted out with invega.

What if having hallucinations and the rest are just parts of what makes me, me? What happens, and who am I without them?

Sorry for the long post. I really appreciate that you took the time to read it and any feedback I am grateful for.

Have no experience of either of those two, but the one that he mentioned as a last resort would have been clozapine.

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Thank you @zenmind have you tried clozapine?

I was meant to be going on clozapine but in the end I’ve not needed it cause the olanzapine I started on works well enough for me

Solian raised my prolactin and when I first went on clopixol I felt I was in slow motion.

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Have you tried the invega injectable? If you do well on the tablets maybe you can try the injectable, raises prolacting a bit, but it’s weight neutral and no serious side effects for me.

Not on clopixol but on depixol depot. Although from the same family they tend to get used differently. The depixol is good for hallucinations… Clopixol I have heard (but only from fellow patients so don’t put much weight on it) makes people a bit more sedated.

Depixol has been great for me.

Thank you for your responses. I haven’t tried invega injections, just the tablets. It is hard sifting through all the info online, it is nice to get people’s experience here.