‘Clear’ link between cannabis use and schizophrenia

Not all people who use cannabis will become psychotic, but for those with just the right constellation of risk factors, cannabis can lead to “chronic schizophrenia,” according to Sir Robin M. Murray, professor of psychiatric research at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London.

And although Dr. Murray says “old-fashioned” cannabis can lead to psychosis, it’s the newer, more potent kinds manufactured in the last decade that pose the greatest risk.

Watch the video at the link below:


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Hmm I have chronic cannabischizophrenia

Unfortunately to the normal mind the effects of cannabis are too enticing. Was for me until got sick. Any mood, weather, scenario I thought it better if I were high.

I wonder how long it takes to know it’s safe.

Brings a new meaning to “chronic” schizophrenia.

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I think that the clear link is the sz afflicted that have used cannabis and know that it was cannabis that triggered them.

And tell about it.

As I grew up smoking weed every day, nobody ever warned me that it could lead or exacerbate an incurable mental illness, or plain make you poor and ruin your life. Before I got diagnosed, the only picture I had of a schizophrenic person is someone in a straitjacket mumbling to himself. That’s all I knew about it… If someone had sat with me and explained the risks maybe I would have given it up just in time to not be kicked out of school.

If this study is correct then they should be able to find the cause of those becoming psychotic from the usage of cannabis. Why is it that the mind does not repair itself after the usage has stopped, is the mind damaged and if it is this area of the damaged mind should be detectable. I have never taken drugs but hear voices 24/7, these areas of the mind should be noticeable or chemical imbalances detected.


All my siblings smoked it and none of them developed this disorder but I clearly remember after a few years of starting smoking regularly , I would not really enjoy it anymore because of the paranoid feelings I was experiencing along with it but just doing it to remain cool. I think if the individual is well established in themselves according to gender then they will not be affected but in my case i think my hormones took a beating and things became less defined leaving me with an unstable identity crisis that only got worse. In other words I think the persons’ brain that is affected to this outcome has to be somewhat compromised to begin with. I had evidence of this from remembering that I suffered from migraine headaches once in a while when I was in the grade school years. I really believe it has to do with hormone inefficiencies. In my case anyway along with other affects of childhood trauma. PTSD. and evidence of both parents ancestries’ in question.

It does make you paranoid. But I agree about the newer stuff and I would imagine today it is far different from the ‘newer’ stuff of 1985. Most of what I smoked was the old kind strait from Mexico - Columbia and everywhere inbetween…now it is hybridized in grow rooms which was just starting in the 80s. Most of my paranoid bouts were with the new green stuff with red hairs. Last I read a High Times magazine was in 1999 and there was all kind of weed listed there I had never even heard of.
Someone I knew had smoked weed since the 60s and was fine until the 90s at which point they began having severe delusions and bipolar symptoms. My pastor blamed the weed and showed me some articles that would seem to confirm this topic. That was back in 2000.

There has to be a genetic “weakness” in the person also. Otherwise, every baby-boomer would have this disease, and not just in this country. I do think that the stuff that is being produced now, not to mention all the weird chemical stuff people are experimenting with today can cause psychosis. Too many variables…