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Having serious doubts as to whether I , or my problems, really belong here.


Please don’t do that @firemonkey. Everyone just wants to help.


When it gets to the point that you are p*ssing people off without meaning to, then it’s time to consider your position.


I hope you stay @firemonkey we all love you.


None of us know when we are going to strike a nerve. We’re high strung my nature. I say don’t worry about it.


who is pissed off with you? you haven’t said anything offensive that i know of at all. you are a loved and extremely valued member of this site. don’t let a petty minded person bring you down. everyone has their off days, be they filled with paranoia, agitation, insecurity or irritability. don’t leave because someone is having an off day, hunni. x


I don’t think they are generally petty minded . They probably meant well but it spiked my insecurity/paranoia.


then don’t let your own insecurities bring you down hunni. stick a smile on and tell yourself that you’re just being insecure/paranoid and try and relax a little. everyone loves your posts here. if it was the post about your cpn then i totally understand where you are coming from. i have stopped visiting my local day centre because it’s now run by mind and they have made it recovery based. you can no longer go there everyday and participate in arts and crafts, or just socialize. it’s now all about recovery groups during the week and only a few hours day centre at weekends . it has shut 70%of former service users off from the only interaction they probably had. it’s awful. i miss being able to just go there and have lunch or a coffee and do my knitting or writing. mind have absolutely no understanding of chronic illness at all. it’s all about getting them in, getting them to change their mind set and getting them out. it’s crap.


Rethink aren’t any better . I miss having somewhere I could pop into as the need arose and just be around people without any undue pressure. If there was still such a place I’d go out a lot more…
Now they have a couple of groups they run and a couple of peer run groups they look in on occasionally. If you can’t find anything in the groups they run despite doing a peer group they knock you off their books. Even if you can find something they knock you off their books after 18 months.
There’s talk over mental illness and social isolation but the actions don’t go with the words. Policies increase not decrease the chances of chronically mentally ill people being isolated.


It sounds like you need this place as an avenue for interaction. Don’t under estimate that. Your posts are more valuable than others as they pertain to real information and studies. Not many bring that to this site. I never have.

I do understand the feeling though. I go through phases where it’s like. Do I really need this site. Am I really presenting myself the way I should. I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything to piss anyone off but I could imagine that happening any time.

It’s not face to face but this website is here to help you. We’re all in this fight together.


I think you should stay

It’s a great form of therapy and support.

I love this forum, this is the only place where I’ve been able to chat with other people about experiences or symptoms I’ve had/have without having the person look at me as if they have just seen a ghost.


This is a public forum, we all don’t agree on everything.
I would not place so much importance on whatever happened - allow life to continue - you are well liked here by most


We all need a break from here every now and then. As we live in such a dark world of sz and tends to get posted in many forms on the board. You are the most important person in your life and you need to take care of you first and foremost.


I’m starting to feel that if you try to be reasonable and objective about things you don’t belong here anymore. But I’ll just treat it as a passing phase and hang around to see if being sensible comes into style again, if it ever was.

By the way, @firemonkey, I like to read many of your posts and I thought it was really interesting what you said about that new worker you had.