Out of sorts

Not psychotic. Not classically depressed. Apprehensive. Anxious. Hard to mentally focus & gather my thoughts.Major dollop of imposter syndrome.

I played up a bit the other day but gawd did I pay a price. Had a massive panic attack on the way to my volunteering job. Totally horrible.

For me it was getting out of routine. Routine is my friend. Exercise, daily activities…I kinda get a bit anal about it all but it really works for me.

Things happen. It’s how we deal with them that keeps us sane…What is different lately?

I do better with a routine, but my EF difficulties don’t help on that score. As for anything different - uneasy about this forum . Feel like I’m slightly respected on this forum for the articles, but that outside of that there’s this ND-NT disconnect.where things get misinterpreted and a 2 way shitstorm of animosity occurs.

Also that people presume that how I am on this forum reflects how I am off it.That support is for other people, not me…

Forum stuff happens. I don’t think anything I saw was too concerning. You never see eye to eye with everyone and you need to consider that. Much respect for both people but you need to move on. Don’t be reactionary. Approach those who’ve you have had a head butt with and just ask why they think such things…

Makes the world a happier place and keeps you more connected.

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Hey @firemonkey, just want to send you support, kindness, but dont really know what to say or how to help. Support is for you too!

Sorry you seem to have had a “fight”, i dont know what happened, but sometimes fights happen…I also can be upset when there is some more fierce discussion or less nice interaction, i understand. Hope you manage to solve it and let go.

I actually think you are valued and liked here by many.


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