Got an A in my class


I just checked the class website and found out I got 128 out of 150 on my final essay which gives me an A for the entire course. 4 more classes to go for my degree. No more “easy” classes left though. I need Algebra, Philosophy, Communication, and the next class I’m taking this upcoming quarter: Humanities 1A.


Congratulations Nick. Very cool.

Glad you got the grade. You are doing great… knocking them out one by one.

I got a B- in Chem… whew… :relieved: (didn’t think I was going to make it.)


Hey way to go, that’s great! You’ll like the philosophy class, I thought it was one of the most difficult classes, but it was so interesting that I just kept on reading and didn’t give up. Good job on the A!


Way to go, Nick.


Congratulations…That’s great news!! :smile:




To you and @SurprisedJ :smile: **


Congratulations! Keep up the good work.




Congratulations! I know how happy you must feel…I always felt so proud getting my A’s at the University of Phoenix. If you have a hard time with math you should see if your college offer’s tutoring. I made the mistake of trying it out on my own and failed, but went to a different college (locally) for a tutor but had to pay like 1500 bucks, but then found out for the second algebra class that Phoenix had a local area that offered free tutoring so I signed up and went twice a week and passed the first time I took the class. So I would look into tutoring if you have troubles in a class. Even if you wind up going to a different college, sometimes students use tutoring programs to get credits for their degrees, or earn extra money on the side…


Thanks for the tips. I have to remember this.


Congratulations man this is a big booster for me and my coming journey in employment. If you get an A I can at least get a good in my appraisal if I work hard.
You are an inspiration. Keep doing well


Great! It is nice getting good grades. You worked hard and it paid off.

I feel like mine are more stable now (A’s and B’s), but we’ll see how it pans out. I’ll be in Junior and Senior level classes and the 4th semester of french (immersive french from non immersive 7 years ago).