Chest pain tonight

I’m having chest pain tonight. Honestly, it’s been on and off for a couple of days. I think it’s a heartburn/indigestion kind of thing, but it isn’t responding to Tums, Pepto, or Pepcid AC. I’m avoiding NSAIDs and spicy food (not that I eat much of that). It still gets super painful. I have a watch that did an ECG for me, but I don’t admittedly trust it as a source. If I have trouble again tonight, I’m going to the PCP tomorrow or just heading to the ER. I’m both scared of it and don’t want to be dismissed as fine and dandy, either.

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I have those when I’m stressed.

Are you dealing with a lot of stress right now?

No. I thought it was food related, honestly. I drank a Monster a few days ago, and they make me feel yucky. But this is just dragging on over the days.

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