Chemical imbalance, you got it too?


Or does it follow suite of unicorns and dragons?

I personally dont believe in it much. Not as a cause. But who knows.

It seems like a joke of a theory to me


I thought antidepressants were placebo… I was wrong.

I’ve had a scan where it shows brain activity etc,
Was a reality check for me seeing the areas of my brain that where functioning /not functioning etc
Would agree that it could be considered a chemical imbalance,
Thought disorder,
Post dementia all the other stuff etc.
Product of a brain illness

I’d have to believe in it. Human beings are nothing more than a walking chemical factory. Does environment influence body chemistry? I’d say yes. Not that this matters but I’ll put it out there. Jellyfish stings are a chemical reaction. Bee stings tend to be physical. Both tend to hurt.

the chemicals work but it’s interesting. Generally if I have read it right you have receptor occupancy in the first day or so but it can take weeks or longer to see decent affects. It does exist otherwise the meds wouldn’t work for some…but why not all? There is a lot we don’t know but unlocking the genome and better imaging hopefully will lead to a better model!

How do you see decent effects? what model is this based on? Random observations?

Unfortunately it cant be backed up by any means of scientific evidence whatsoever.

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I just read an article where receptor occupancy of dopamine receptors was something that happened rather quickly. Effects can be later for sure and that is commonly reported. It’s not an uncommon thing to wait for results. It’s not scientific and it’s just from memory which is just an observation.

I’d imagine serotonin was similar.


Yep as i imagined !!

“But there is no psychiatric disorder for which we know for certain which chemicals are “imbalanced” if any”

It was a complete bullshiit theory made by Eli lilly to sell prozac !!

The statement was around long before prozac was. The brain is a very complex thing and what causes mental illnesses like schizophrenia is undoubtedly complex too and multifactorial. The fact that no one has a definitive answer to what chemicals are imbalanced should not simplistically be taken as proving no chemicals are imbalanced.

People looking for and expecting simple answers as to what causes something like schizophrenia and dismissing things because simple answers are not found are displaying a certain level of cluelessness as to the complexity of such a thing.

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Nope that statement actually wasnt around before Eli Lilly paid their marketers to use it just before prozac came out. It came straight from a pharmaceutical company

So basically you letting drug companies make up theories based on no evidence to sell their psychotropic drugs. Again not one piece of scientific evidence has any correlation this this theory WHATSOEVER. It is complete marketing propaganda.

Yes, we are still in infancy stages with regard to ALL mental health conditions and disorders, that is a fact. For all we know all research could be wrong, as not one pschiatrist can prove that any disorder published in the DSM even exists. Making bold statements and theories to sell medication is completely unethical.

Not believing something due to not being based off evidence or facts does not make a person clueless firemonkey.

And yet something is obviously going on , or do you really believe all people here were functioning well before they got on medication? We often see how people deteriorate off medication and how people are who come here often highly delusional and psychotic while lauding the fact they are not taking medication.

Mental illnesses are real and it does a disservice to people here some of whom may be quite impressionable, to suggest they are not.

What we don’t want is people going cold turkey,quitting meds and ending up in a bad state because people like you chose to push a line that mental illnesses don’t exist.

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Too add on to your comment, @firemonkey
A large majority of people dealing with schizophrenia suffer from anosognosia, (not knowing they are ill) and is a sole reason why people refuse medication or do not seek treatment.

Which as you can imagine has a terrible effect on the process to recovery.

I will never tell someone to go off their meds… If they are helping sedate your symptoms and alleviate some of your conditions without introducing severe side effects then by all means stay on them.

Ive seen people get better on meds and ive seen people get worse on meds. By sedating the frontal lobe with POWERFUL aps brought on a plethora of unwanted problems for me after trying various medications. What was the point of getting rid of 30 % of my SZ problems but introducing another 70 % of disastrous unwanted problems. To me it made no sense.

It made me more psychotic, delusion and hallucinated more. In fact outsourced studies will tell you the complete opposite of what you saying. People who come here Psychotic still have insight, so its hard the play the psychiatrists roll and decided whether they getting worse.

Im not saying mental illnesses aint real, im saying their could be alot of other reasons as to why people develop these problems. In 100 years SCIENCE may tell us its heading in a completely different direction and we have been COMPLETELY off goal. At the moment its a bunch of pseudoscience with unlimited ways to be monetized off each new so called " diagnosis"

Diagnosis helped me by being put on disability and get free meds. When i was sick/psychotic i couldn’t work and my parents had to buy me meds and they had to pay in advance my insurence to be able to receive me in hospital. It cost them an important amount of money for them. Now i have insurence, meds and money thanks to the diagnosis. You cant say diagnosis is a bad thing

Yes pharmaceutical companies cannot create a new medication without a diagnosis " voted " upon by a bunch of pschiatrists who have no evidence they even exist. They sit a round a table and a vote in new diagnosis through a show of hands. Psychotropic medications they making are extremely powerful and lack absolutely NO source of credibility as they cannot PSYCHICALLY identify or prove any backbone that there even is a disorder in the first place. Yet they handed out like candy

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I jumped from first floor from mental hospital because i was hearing voices and i thought people want to hurt me. How do you call that? AP’s are given with a reason not like candy. Edit and i broke an arm and the story is long

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