Cheerleaders needed

Heya guys, I got an interview in a few hours and am extremely nervous. I need a printed version of my very minimalist resume, but left all the copies in my car (which I lent out to my Mom since hers is in the shop). I’m planning on attending the interview regardless and called them leaving a message that I don’t have a printed version of my resume, so they’ll circle back to me if they really need it.

I just need a bunch of encouragement to go. I’m going to take a shower soon (Why do I always start late? Bleh.). I’m getting a ride there too. It’s a pain all around.


You can do it! Good luck! :smiley:

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I am glad u can work…
Is it full time or parttime…°°

Good going brosky…!!!

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Congratulations on the interview!

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself,

Just do the best you can and leave the rest to the interviewer.

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Good luck! Deep breaths. Everyone is nervous for interviews.

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It’s supposed to be full-time from what they told me. I think I can do the job, but if it sounds bad I’m ready to walk away from any offers.

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Good luck @Coldcomfort !
I have so much to do!
I would like to work as a lecturer of mathematics in the Israeli,like to do fitness every day, would like to study Torah, to study mathematics, to play tennis, to play chess, to play table tennis…
If I am cured I have enough plans for 1000000000000000000000 years!


Good luck buddy!

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You’re going to nail this interview !!

Use these words to describe yourself:



Oh crud, I need to dress business professional… Need a suit. I might have to reschedule.


Call and inform them of the situation with the suit. Ask them if they’re okay with you coming in without a suit. If they say no, then reschedule. You want to keep them in the loop and be proactive.

I called them and left a message about the resume… I’ll do again about the suit situation.

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2,4,6,8 @Coldcomfort is who we appreciate. Goooo @Coldcomfort. Gooooo @Coldcomfort !!! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Do you have nice slacks and a dress shirt?

That could work if you don’t have a suit.

I think its most important that you go to the interview,

Less important that you wear a suit.

Just so long as you look nice.



Good luck!

Hopefully you won’t need to reschedule over the suit. I never understood the elitism of demanding people buy or rent an expensive outfit for a job they may not even get. That’s always been something makes me give companies the stink eye.

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How did it go??

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You called the employer to tell them you’ll be showing up without a resume.

Then you call them back saying you aren’t able to show up in a suit!

Oh dear, I believe you have sunk yourself before even getting the interview. Good luck to you, just the same.

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And unless you are applying for a job as a male stripper, DO NOT call them back telling them you’ll be showing up to the interview with no underwear on!

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Yeah PatrickT has the right idea I guess… I had to cancel. I’m applying to less professional positions. Moving on to other kinds of jobs, this probably wouldn’t be the best fit.

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That’s okay,

Start small and get yourself acclimated to work again,

Then go for the more professional jobs.

At least you got to update your resume and get it ready.

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