Job Interview in just over a hr!

All suited and booted and looking dapper!

I always look the part, I just hope I can keep the nerves under control and answer the questions well.


Make sure to zip up your pants and give a limp handshake. Good luck!


Good luck my friend …!!!7


You’ll do amazingly!!!

good luck!

Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Best of luck :sunny:

Hoping it went well, sir.

Well wishes… job interviews are kind of a pain…

I have a job interview in a couple hours! I hope yours went well!


Could have elaborated on the answers more.

The only thing that let me down is I have no cash handling experience…


Hopefully they could see your potential and you’ll get the call

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Got a letter through the post today & I was unsuccessful.

Time to look for something else :slight_smile:

awwww sorry to hear :frowning:
Have some :cake: Hope you feel better and also find a job. One thing leads to another, good luck!

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@JH85 don’t get discouraged.
Try to find work if you want to work.
I wish you luck whatever you choose to do.

Finding a job often takes a lot of time.

Well, you got an interview and that’s something to be proud of–imagine how many didn’t even get that far!

I’ve got my interview on Monday, too! Gotta prep for questions and visit my vocational specialist tomorrow to do a practice mock interview.

Don’t give up, I’ve been looking since March, I know how hard it is to keep one’s head up!