I tried (interview)

idk why but i dont think i’ll get this job, the interviewers looked like they were less than impressed and like they were not going to give me it, i know they got to be impartial but they didnt exactly fill me with hope, i thought they could have at least looked interested, maybe i’m looking into it too much.

i gave it a good shot anyway :slight_smile:


Best of luck with it. You never know …

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Yeah maybe you’re reading too much into it. Good luck with it either way.


i answered everything properly and i wasn’t that nervous, i think i came across really well and i told them about all what i wanted to do and why i wanted to work for them, it was pretty expert i think, i’d like to give them better references though and i updated my cv but they didnt need to see it as it was on the application form, the form was the same as last year but most of it was still relevant, i think i’d like to have saw it again before the interview but its ok i guess lol.

It’s easy to become suspicious about such things. A long time ago I applied for a job unloading and loading packages for UPS. I didn’t get the job. I was exactly the type of person they wanted for the job, and I had my own transportation, so I thought somebody had sandbagged me. They probably just had all the people they needed when I applied, though.

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I was the first i think interview :confused:

Its always good to end with handing them your current resume printed on nice paper. And don’t forget to follow up with a thank you note!

The important thing is that you tried. I don’t even try


hey om, dont even sweat it, i think just keeping your head above the clouds is best we can do sometimes mate, we are all at different levels anyway, everyone is different, take care.


I liked your post, meaning i wanted to give you hugs. I didn’t try either.

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@mrhappy…what was the job you were going for?

personally I think you would be very suitable for a social work job or psych nurse…youre a nice guy


thanks karl, i really appreciate that,

the job was support practitioner but it was a zero hours contract,

i’m hoping they dont judge me based on my diagnosis.

i was re-diagnosed recently from para/sz to personality disorder/traits

personally i think i am just stable and high functioning bc if i dont take my med i get symptoms even though its a low dose.

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Good luck @mrhappy

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